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It is a known fact that the urinary tract undergoes significant physical and biological transitions during pregnancy. Such developments can be further affected by shifts in kidney function, maternity pathologies and changes in labor and childbirth.

It is therefore important for the pregnant/ postpartum patient to get routine, specific checks in order to deal with pelvic floor dysfunctions & urinary tract symptoms such as Varicose veins, UTI ( Urinary tract infections) and stress incontinence caused due to strained labor.

Varicose veins

Usually, varicose veins appear to develop after pregnancy, sometimes even three or four months after childbirth. Nevertheless, if you’re predisposed to have this condition because of a family history, are overweight, or prefer to stand for lengthy stretches of time, our physician’s may need to check and determine likely solutions for alleviating this issue.

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infection ( UTI) is a prevalent postpartum condition arising in almost 2% – 4% of all women. While postpartum UTI is typically a minor ailment, it is characterized by pain, lengthy hospital stay and has been linked to an elevated likelihood of withdrawal from breastfeeding.

Stress incontinence caused due to strained labor

Postpartum urinary incontinence sometimes arises as pregnancy creates tremendous stress on the pelvic floor muscles that further supports the urinary bladder.

When these muscles are impaired over time, due to the development of the fetus, and due to the intensity of labour, the function of the bladder is often impaired thereby causing postpartum urinary incontinence.


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