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Minimal Access Surgery

Minimal access surgery is performed with one or two tiny incisions instead of wide incisions. Afterwards, the physician observes the operation on a Television display and many specific, tiny incisions are then carried out via surgical instruments. Minimal access surgeries are also regarded as minimally invasive procedures.


In the technique of laparoscopy, the microscope or telescope is used to focus on a particular region and perform minimally invasive procedures including PCO puncturing and ovarian drilling, intrauterine adhesiolysis, endometriotic or ovarian cyst removal and treatments for abdominal and endocervical issues among others.


Myomectomy is the minimally invasive treatment of uterine fibroids that doesn’t require uterine removal. While the exact type of procedure relies on the position and extent of the fibroids, in certain instances, hormone treatment may also be used to reduce the fibroids. Nonetheless, myomectomy is performed to address issues of extreme menstrual bleeding, pelvic strain and the removal of fibroids that may impact pregnancy and/or child-bearing capacity.


Hysteroscopy is a process in which the doctor inserts a tiny probe into the uterus. The probe is illuminated and a tiny lens on the end enables the physician to examine the interior of your uterus.
There are a variety of conditions in which this treatment might be prescribed by your specialist. It may be used for physical validation of another medical exam or to rectify issues related to irregular bleeding and may also be employed by specialists as a first-line procedure to perform intrauterine adhesiolysis or IUCD removal.


Adenomyosis is a prevalent gynecological disorder that impacts women, triggering menstrual irregularities, discomfort, and under fertility. Adenomyomectomy as a potential substitute to hysterectomy has been commonly practiced among women who have not achieved childbearing or who have declined hysterectomy for a number of purposes.

The prescribed cure for extreme adenomyosis is hysterectomy, although the innovative procedure – Adenomyomectomy- is usually suggested for patients seeking to retain their uterus.

Septal Resection

Septate uterus is the medical condition wherein the uterus is deformed and in some other instances, may have no deformity on the exterior of the uterus but the interior may be separated into two sections. Female patients with septate uterus are at elevated possibility of subfertility, frequent miscarriage and premature delivery.

The surgical reconstruction of uterine structure by hysteroscopic septum resection is a proven technique that has a favorable impact on birth & reproductive results and enables women to conquer infertility and bear children.


Polypectomy is a procedure done to remove uterine polyps that are present in the uterus. Uterine polyps are a benign excess of cells in the interior wall of the uterus and the polypectomy is a standard technique employed to remove polyps and its indications as well as for screening of cancer. For most patients, the whole process is considered to be a relatively small hardship that brings comfort and respite from a niggling problem.

Tubal cannulation

Tubal Cannulation is an x-ray treatment done to support the removal of a potential obstruction of both or a single fallopian tube. It could be advised if the obstruction in the tube is near to the uterus. Usually an outpatient treatment that lasts about thirty minutes to sixty minutes, Tubal Cannulation usually increases a woman’s prospects of becoming pregnant by removing the obstructions in the fallopian tubes.


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