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There are primarily two methods through which an ovum may be fertilized by IVF- standard and ICSI. In the ICSI method, a small needle called a micropipette is used to insert one sperm in the middle of the egg.

Throughout both standard IVF or ICSI, after the process of fertilization is complete, the fertilized egg (considered as an embryo after this) develops in the laboratory setting for 1 to 5 days before it is moved to the female womb.

Do remember that depending on the line of fertility treatment that is right for you, we may recommend ICSI when:

  • The male partner has a very low sperm count or poor motility and morphology
  • Previous IVF attempts have failed
  • When a surgical collection of sperm is needed for the male patient
  • There is unexplained infertility
  • In case there is a previous history of having undergone pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or screening
  • Advanced maternal age

Sree Saran Fertility Center has the latest assessment protocols to evaluate your need and suitability for this treatment protocol.


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