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Female Infertility

Female Infertility is characterized as the inability to get pregnant after having consistent, unprotected intercourse (sex) following one year (or following a half year if a female patient is 35 years old or more).

While female infertility might arise because of age, physical problems, physiological issues, diet or external conditions, reproductive tract abnormalities (uterus, tube, ovary), endocrinological problems, the exact determinant can be assessed only by qualified fertility specialists.

Tubal Factor

Tubal Factor Infertility (TFI) is a female infertility condition that is induced by infections, blockages, injury, bruising, or other triggers that inhibit the development of an embryo or unfertilized ovum into the womb through the fallopian tubes, preventing natural conception and full-term delivery.

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Uterine Factor

Failed or abnormal ovarian activity can be attributed by a number of reasons, such as hormonal fluctuations,thyroid issues such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, environmental influences, disorders such as PCOS and hyperprolactinemia and anxiety.

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Ovarian Factor

Failed or abnormal ovarian activity can be attributed to a number of reasons, such as hormonal fluctuations, environmental influences, disorders such as PCOS and hyperprolactinemia and anxiety. Some therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can often kill ovarian tissue,

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Cervical Factors

Cervical infertility happens if the cervical mucus is not suitable, may not comprise of the required nutrients or produces antisperm inhibitors. Some of these cervical abnormalities can prevent the sperm from traveling and fertilizing the egg. However, cervical infertility issues can be corrected and overcome by IUI thereby leading to a successful conception.

Infections and Infertility

While quite a few reproductive tract infections have been diminishing in the last couple of years because of recent medical innovations, several infections of the female reproductive tract such as Chlamydia, Nongonococcal Nonchlamydial infections, Trichomonas pelvic inflammatory disease, Viral infections, Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus remain to be a growing issue and are the primary causes of infertility.


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