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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)—a form of assisted reproduction — is a therapy for treating fertility problems. In this procedure, sperms that have been cleaned and processed are deposited specifically in the female patient’s uterus when the ovary produces one or two eggs for fertilization.

IUI with Husband Sperm

    Anatomic defects of vagina or cervix, Hostile cervical mucus, Sexual dysfunction, Endometriosis, Anovulation
  • MALE – 1,2,3,5,6.
    Anatomic defect of penis, e.g., hypospadias, Sexual/ Ejaculatory dysfunction, Retrograde ejaculation, Male subfertility such as mild oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia or teratozoospermia.
    Idiopathic (poor Postcoital Test- PCT), Combined subfertility factors, unexplained infertility

IUI with Donor Sperm

  • Malefactors such as azoospermia (nonobstructive), Severe oligozoospermia/ cannot afford assisted reproductive technique (ART), Severe asthma/ necrospermia cannot afford ART, Failure in at least six IUI cycles with types of oligozoospermia.

Highest Success Rate – High Tech Lab, IUI Preparation Techniques.

The doctors and staff at Sree Saran Fertility Center work in careful collaboration to ensure outstanding care and highest success rates of the IUI treatment. From the onset, the fertility team ensures that all the technical sub-treatments are conducted in high tech laboratories employing the highest quality of IUI preparation techniques that yield excellent outcomes.


What Our patient says

We tried every therapy, consulted every doctor, and underwent every procedure we could but our dreams of having a baby remained unfulfilled. However, our prayers were finally answered by the doctors at Sree Saran Fertility Center. Not only was the treatment most-effective but the costs were also inexpensive. A word about the staff- They were a constant source of support for my husband and me throughout our fertility treatment. Our little bundle of joy has arrived & we can only say one thing ”Thank you Sree Saran”.


We are very satisfied
with our overall
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Fertility Center.

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