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Our certified counselors are adept at assessing and assisting patients in reaching their parenthood goals. They work closely in tandem with the fertility team.

Sex Education

Among others issues, early ejaculation, decreased libido, excessive sexual fetishes, erectile dysfunction and uncomfortable intercourse are some of the problems that the sex education department addresses. This unit aims to assist those who have difficulties with their personal lives, solve their challenges and help them maintain a healthy sex life.

Timed Intercourse

Timed intercourse is a proactive approach to maximize the fertile timeframe by using modern medicine. Medical advice from a trained medical professional can enhance ovarian egg development, promote ovulation, and increase the odds of natural conception.

Stress Management

There are many factors that can trigger stress in life such as job instability, marriage issues, relationship problems and money troubles. Identifying what triggers stress and knowing how to properly handle such emotions is the best and most successful way to feel healthy and lead a fulfilling life.

Post Marital 

There are many benefits of counselling and therapy after marriage. It can help to tackle the unexpected problems that come up after marriage and address small discrepancies before they can become big, unavoidable hurdles.

The involvement of a trained, impartial and knowledgeable advisor can make a world of a difference and help couples lead a happy marital life.

Post partum & Pre-marital 

Whether it is premarital or postpartum, we know that major transformations can create new changes & potential challenges in your life. We realize how difficult it can be to brace for such major changes and to adapt to normalcy thereafter.

Sree Saran’s Post partum & Pre-marital department aims to provide mental wellness assistance to individuals, families & couples and work closely with them to manage pre-marital, fertility, maternity and postpartum challenges.


What Our patient says

We tried every therapy, consulted every doctor, and underwent every procedure we could but our dreams of having a baby remained unfulfilled. However, our prayers were finally answered by the doctors at Sree Saran Fertility Center. Not only was the treatment most-effective but the costs were also inexpensive. A word about the staff- They were a constant source of support for my husband and me throughout our fertility treatment. Our little bundle of joy has arrived & we can only say one thing ”Thank you Sree Saran”.


We are very satisfied
with our overall
experience at Sree Saran
Fertility Center.

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