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Including the gamut of services such as recovery, prevention of trauma, fitness, and wellbeing, the physiotherapy specialty at Sree Saran Fertility Center adopts a systematic approach to therapy, promotes healing, and aims at rebuilding mobility to the maximum potential of patients.

Via the support of a world-class gym and equipment facility, our team of trained physiotherapists ensure your body is fully-prepared and fit for the conception treatments. We know and understand that physical fitness is vital for both, male & female patients, in order to achieve a fulfilling parenthood experience.

Fitness before conception

Exercise / being healthy may improve your fertility chances (i.e. increase the likelihood of conception). Women who exercise daily and do a mild work out regularly are known to get pregnant more easily than women who do not workout routinely. 

Additionally, being fit before conception and exercising daily when you’re attempting to conceive can help you feel more healthy during the pregnancy, prepare for the physical stress of labour and childbirth, and even help to lose the baby weight gain quickly.

Fitness during pregnancy

Light-weight exercises are crucial for a pregnant mom-to-be. Despite the fact that she’s eating for two, optimal weight gain for mother and the unborn child is recommended and vital in order to ensure that there are no excessive weight gain/ overweight issues.

Additionally, a systematic fitness plan can go a long way in insuring muscle strength and ideal physical activity of the mother-to-be. As is known, with a medically-approved fitness plan, the pelvis region is prepared for more flexibility and activeness for a normal, healthy delivery.

Postpartum fitness

Although the patient’s age, method of conception, and delivery manner can determine the exact fitness guidelines, the most significant thing to remember is that in most cases, the abdominal muscles require proper toning as do the pelvic muscles. Pelvic muscle exercises can prevent the uterus from dropping into the vaginal canal (prolapsed uterus) and ensure postnatal health.

Furthermore, with a Gynaec-approved postpartum fitness plan, our team of trained physiotherapists teaches new mothers how to correctly implement the breastfeeding physiotherapy techniques for improved breastfeeding.


What Our patient says

We tried every therapy, consulted every doctor, and underwent every procedure we could but our dreams of having a baby remained unfulfilled. However, our prayers were finally answered by the doctors at Sree Saran Fertility Center. Not only was the treatment most-effective but the costs were also inexpensive. A word about the staff- They were a constant source of support for my husband and me throughout our fertility treatment. Our little bundle of joy has arrived & we can only say one thing ”Thank you Sree Saran”.


We are very satisfied
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